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in the middle of the Abruzzo


Villa Danilo, hotel with wellness center, is in Gamberale, in the middle of the Abruzzo. Gaberale is a little village with more or less 500 inhabitants; it is at 1350 meters above the sea level and few minutes far from the Majella National Park and some of the most beautiful ski slopes in Abruzzo.


It rises on the rock of Sant'Antonio mountain, at the left of the Sangro river, in an enchanting natural scenery. Its roots dated back to the Middle ages and it preserves really interesting artistic and architectural finds, such as the San Lorenzo Church (XIII century circa). The charm that comes out from its origins and position, makes the village an ideal location for a wedding, surrounded by the beautiful and wild abruzzese nature. That is why a lot of couples from our Region and those that are close, such as Molise, chose this place for their wedding. Gamberale is also crossed by the "Path of Freedom (Sentiero della libertà)" that, at the North, reaches Sulmona and, at the South, Castel di Sangro.

By car is also possible to reach some official paths, that are equipped and that allow sometimes to meet the fauna who inhabits the Park. These roads are also really appreciated by bikers and bicycle lovers. Among the beeches, firs and oaks there is the Gamberale lake, the perfect place for a trip outside the city. In the lake surroundings, at 1400 meters above the sea level, there is a pic nic area, and here it is possible to fish. At less than 20 kilometers from Gamberale there is Juvanum, ancient city built by the Frentani, that was inhabited up to the Middle Ages. The ruins of a theater, those of a Basilica, a "opus reticulanum" and gravestones worth a visit and testify the importance of this village in the Roman era.



The surroundings of Gamberale are well known for its prestigious white truffle, that can be found between the Sangro and Trigno rivers. When it is the right season, a lot of "hunters" make lively our territory searching for this tuber. On a relaxing afternoon we suggest you to visit the Grotta del Cavallone, on the Majella, that inspired the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio for his masterpiece "La Figlia di Jorio". The grotto extends itself all along the village of Lama dei Peligni while its entrance is in the enchanting valley of Taranta Peligna. Really interesting is also the Civic Aufidenate Museum in Castel Di Sangro, where are preserved archeological finds that testify the presence of the Sanniti and Romans in the Alto Sangro.


The Rio Verde Falls are the highest natural falls in Italy. They are formed by a triple jump that measure 200 meters. They can be admired all year long. The flow rate changes according to the season and to the year (if wet or dry). While staying in Villa Danilo one can enjoy the enchanting beauty and the quietness of a wild, amazing nature and that allows one to live unique experiences. One can also taste typical recipes in one of the best mountain restaurants in Abruzzo, where the high quality of the raw ingredients and the creativity of our chefs will give you unforgettable tasty moments.


The Deers' Path
South Majella
Parking: in S. Antonio di Ateleta
Duration: 1 hour
Suggested time: from June to September
It is a brand new path, equipped for who has motor disabilities but it is also suggested for who wants to have a brief and relaxing walk into the beech wood. The path indeed crosses a wood and, because this path is at 1500 meters above the sea level, it is suitable above all in summer. This excursion leads to a reserve that rises on the lands that are owned by the city of Gamberale (CH) in Ateleta (AQ), in Laghetto S. Antonio. The Deers' Reserve born in 2003 and it preserves some animals that come from other reserves; its wide extension (over 10 hectares) and the presence of a lot of woods, bushes, grazings and natural rivers, make the habitat suitable for this kind of animals. They are easy to be seen and, from the half of September to the end of October, it is possible to listen to the roars that the males of the deers do in the reproductive season. At the moment the area hosts 16 types of deer.


In winter, Gamberale turns out to be the perfect destination for who loves skiing, snowboard and winter sports. Between Gamberale and Pizzoferrato there is indeed a little ski resort, with four ski slopes and two skilift. The Hotel Villa Danilo is also close to Roccaraso (25 km) and Rivisondoli (22 km), the most known ski resorts in all the Abruzzo. The ski resorts are managed by the Ski Pass Alto Sangro Consortium and has some of the most modern system in Europe and offers ski slopes for any needs: for beginners and for experts (here is where was held the Italian Ski Championship in 1994, that was been won by Alberto Tomba). In the surroundings it is also possible to practice nordic skiing: a path long about 8 kilometers that crosses Gamberale, Monte Secine and Pizzoferrato. The slopes are usually covered with snow up to the early of May thanks to the favorable position of the village. There are also some paths to be walked with the snow shoes. Our hotel offers the chance to rent all the necessary equipment to practice all these winter sports.